IN-NOVA’S HEALTH CHECK generates a profound overview of current key challenges, and a high- level roadmap to tackle them in a effective way
The HEALTH CHECK delivers tangible results in a short period of time The IN-NOVA HEALTH CHECK is a specific type of management workshop. In this event the facilitation as well as the engagement of all participants delivers a high variety of insights in regards to current supply chain performance, challenges, and improvement needs. Based on the composition of participants from various functional areas, a wide scope of professional perspectives and experiences contributes to the success of this format. At the beginning of the workshop, each participant can declare which objectives he brings to the session, and which expectations he has regarding the results and outcomes of the session. The points raised are not binding for the further progression of the workshop, but they help to understand the differences in expectations and perspecitves among the participants. Based on the integrative IN-NOVA SCM model, a facilitated discussion is conducted. Each participant has to raise a defined number of strengths, or special accomplishments of the last year, in the overall field of supply chain. In a second round, each participant raises key improvement needs from his functional, professional perspective. These points are discussed as they are presented, but all contributions are considered valid. In a next round, after a break, the facilitator gives his perspective on the points raised. This includes highlighting contributions of the participants, but also specific aspects of importance which the participants have not mentioned, or do not even see. This provides an overall framework of action areas. After a focused discussion o these highlights, all participants have to use a specific prioritization technique in order to structure all insights raised during the course of the session, regarding their relevance, and need for action. As this is done in a joint effort with communication among the evalutators, but every individual by itself, we are using the principles of “swarm intelligence” to drive a subtle degree of convergence into the prioritization. Another specific technique is used to synthesize the most relevant points, leading to a list of potential actions. These actions are discussed regarding their relevance, impact, probability for success, and required supporting activities. As a result, the group will have accomplished a prioritized, actionable list of key issues which all serve to enhance supply chain performance significantly. If possible, accountabilities and responsibilities will be assigned, and thus a list of SMART actions will be derived. The HEALTH CHECK workshop is concluded with an expectation review, and a satisfaction assessment using the “Benefits & Concerns” method to ensure that all participants feel comfortable with the results, share the views on the required actions, and any type of disconsent is mentioned, covered, and taken care of.