A selection of presentations delivered at recent conferences. These or similar topics can serve as “brain teaser” or “food-for-thought” at your executive conferences, or strategy meetings: Managing uncertainties in production and supply chain management, Guest Lecture TU Darmstadt 2019 Complexity management for supply chain optimization, Guest Lecture TU Darmstadt 2018 Global Supply Chain modelling, Guest Lecture TU Darmstadt 2017 World class Best Practices in Supply Chain Managment; Executive Conference, Shanghai 2016 Logistics strategy and “Big Data”: Turning data into facts for improving efficiency of operations based on a new logistics strategy, Guest Lecture TU Darmstadt 2016 Modellbasierte Segmentierung von Produktions-Unsicherheiten als Basis für eine erfolgreiche weltweite Warenversorgung; Guest Lecture TU Darmstadt 2016 “Agility matters” – die Supply Chain im Spannungsfeld zwischen Finanzen, Operations, und Unternehmensstrategie; EY Executive Conference, München 2015, and Düsseldorf 2015 Wie viel Agilität brauchen Sie in Ihrer Supply Chain? Lösungsansätze und Spannungsfelder; EY Executive Conference, Mannheim 2014 Next Generation Supply Chain - Transforming the Organization to be Lean, Responsive, and Agile; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2014 Next Generation Supply Chain Planning - how to integrate and manage your business using new, interactive IT platforms; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2014 Building the future Supply Chain - Innovative approaches to substantially improve supply chain performance; Executive Conference, Leverkusen 2014 Future SCM-IT-Strategies - Food for thought how to build a high performance future; Executive Conference, Köln 2014 Challenges and Solutions in Global Production and Distribution Management; Executive Conference, Paris 2014 Agility - Beyond Operational Excellence: How to make your value chain faster and more responsive; KExecutive Conference, Köln 2014 Agility - Beyond Operational Excellence; DOAG Executive Conference, Dortmund 2014 Evolution in Supply Chain Managment - Towards Integrated Business Management Executive Conference, Vienna 2014 Agility matters – the supply chain in the “hot spot” between finance, operations, and company strategy; EY Executive Conference, Eschborn 2014 Management der Komplexität in Supply Chains; J&M Executive Conference, Mannheim 2013 Next Generation Supply Chain; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2013 Erfolgsfaktor Integration - warum Supply Chain Champions besser sind; EY Executive Automotive Conference, München 2013 Was Unternehmen von Apple und Amazon lernen können; J&M Executive Conference, Heidelberg 2012, and Mannheim 2013 Risiken, Chancen und Erfolgsfaktoren des integrierten SCM im Maschinenbau; International Marcus-Evans Conference, Stuttgart 2012 Supply Chain of the Future - Early recognition of trends to design high performing supply chains; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2012 Mehrstufige Bestandsoptimierung - die optimale Balance zwischen Lieferfähigkeit und Beständen; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2012 Neue Champions: Neue Best Practices im SCM; J&M Executive Conference, Heidelberg 2012 Automotive SCM - Muß sich die Automobilbranche neu erfinden? J&M Executive Conference “Automotive”, Stuttgart 2012 Integriertes Management von Wertschöpfungsketten, Gastvorlesung TU Darmstadt 2012 Challenges and Solutions in international Electronics Goods Supply Chains; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2011 Performance Management in der Logistik; Executive Conference, Zürich/Regensdorf 2010 Mehrstufige Bestandsoptimierung in der Praxis; Inventory Optimization Conference, Frankfurt 2010 Business Impact of SCM Best Practices; Strategy Conference, Frankfurt 2010 How intelligent supply chain management makes companies succesful; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2010 Best-in-Class Supply Chains - What you can learn from leading SC companies; Logistics Strategy Conference, Mannheim 2009 Moderne Supply Chain Strategien; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2009 Business Optimization and Restructuring - Success drivers from Supply Chain Excellence; Executive Conference, Zürich / Regensdorf 2009 Trends in Logistics - towards integration and faster response deliveries; Excecutive Conference, Nürnberg 2007; Erlangen 2008 Unleashing the benefits from high performing supply chains; Supply Chain Conference, Mannheim 2008, and Darmstadt 2008 Supply Chain Management - in the midst of Strategy and IT; Executive Conference, Stuttgart 2008 Technologie-getriebene Supply Chains - was macht sie erfolgreich? Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2008 Challenges and Solutions in global order management; Executive Conference, Heidelberg 2008 SCM und Skill-Aufbau - Wege und Maßnahmen; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2007 Managing global logistics streams for a multi-national high-tech and electronics company Supply Chain World, Stuttgart 2006