A selection of presentations delivered at recent conferences. These or similar topics can serve as “brain teaser” or “food-for-thought” at your executive conferences, or strategy meetings: World class Best Practices in Supply Chain Managment; Executive Conference, Shanghai 2016 Logistics strategy and “Big Data”: Turning data into facts for improving efficiency of operations based on a new logistics strategy, Guest Lecture TU Darmstadt 2016 Modellbasierte Segmentierung von Produktions-Unsicherheiten als Basis für eine erfolgreiche weltweite Warenversorgung; Guest Lecture TU Darmstadt 2016 “Agility matters” – die Supply Chain im Spannungsfeld zwischen Finanzen, Operations, und Unternehmensstrategie; EY Executive Conference, München 2015, and Düsseldorf 2015 Wie viel Agilität brauchen Sie in Ihrer Supply Chain? Lösungsansätze und Spannungsfelder; EY Executive Conference, Mannheim 2014 Next Generation Supply Chain - Transforming the Organization to be Lean, Responsive, and Agile; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2014 Next Generation Supply Chain Planning - how to integrate and manage your business using new, interactive IT platforms; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2014 Building the future Supply Chain - Innovative approaches to substantially improve supply chain performance; Executive Conference, Leverkusen 2014 Future SCM-IT-Strategies - Food for thought how to build a high performance future; Executive Conference, Köln 2014 Challenges and Solutions in Global Production and Distribution Management; Executive Conference, Paris 2014 Agility - Beyond Operational Excellence: How to make your value chain faster and more responsive; KExecutive Conference, Köln 2014 Agility - Beyond Operational Excellence; DOAG Executive Conference, Dortmund 2014 Evolution in Supply Chain Managment - Towards Integrated Business Management Executive Conference, Vienna 2014 Agility matters – the supply chain in the “hot spot” between finance, operations, and company strategy; EY Executive Conference, Eschborn 2014 Management der Komplexität in Supply Chains; J&M Executive Conference, Mannheim 2013 Next Generation Supply Chain; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2013 Erfolgsfaktor Integration - warum Supply Chain Champions besser sind; EY Executive Automotive Conference, München 2013 Was Unternehmen von Apple und Amazon lernen können; J&M Executive Conference, Heidelberg 2012, and Mannheim 2013 Risiken, Chancen und Erfolgsfaktoren des integrierten SCM im Maschinenbau; International Marcus-Evans Conference, Stuttgart 2012 Supply Chain of the Future - Early recognition of trends to design high performing supply chains; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2012 Mehrstufige Bestandsoptimierung - die optimale Balance zwischen Lieferfähigkeit und Beständen; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2012 Neue Champions: Neue Best Practices im SCM; J&M Executive Conference, Heidelberg 2012 Automotive SCM - Muß sich die Automobilbranche neu erfinden? J&M Executive Conference “Automotive”, Stuttgart 2012 Integriertes Management von Wertschöpfungsketten, Gastvorlesung TU Darmstadt 2012 Challenges and Solutions in international Electronics Goods Supply Chains; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2011 Performance Management in der Logistik; Executive Conference, Zürich/Regensdorf 2010 Mehrstufige Bestandsoptimierung in der Praxis; Inventory Optimization Conference, Frankfurt 2010 Business Impact of SCM Best Practices; Strategy Conference, Frankfurt 2010 How intelligent supply chain management makes companies succesful; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2010 Best-in-Class Supply Chains - What you can learn from leading SC companies; Logistics Strategy Conference, Mannheim 2009 Moderne Supply Chain Strategien; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2009 Business Optimization and Restructuring - Success drivers from Supply Chain Excellence; Executive Conference, Zürich / Regensdorf 2009 Trends in Logistics - towards integration and faster response deliveries; Excecutive Conference, Nürnberg 2007; Erlangen 2008 Unleashing the benefits from high performing supply chains; Supply Chain Conference, Mannheim 2008, and Darmstadt 2008 Supply Chain Management - in the midst of Strategy and IT; Executive Conference, Stuttgart 2008 Technologie-getriebene Supply Chains - was macht sie erfolgreich? Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2008 Challenges and Solutions in global order management; Executive Conference, Heidelberg 2008 SCM und Skill-Aufbau - Wege und Maßnahmen; Supply Chain Days, Heidelberg 2007 Managing global logistics streams for a multi-national high-tech and electronics company Supply Chain World, Stuttgart 2006