The management workshop delivers tangible results for relevant topics The management workshop is an facilitated event which focuses around highlights which are connected to the supply chain. These can be specific performance problems, specific challenges the company is facing and needs a proper response to, or other topics of choice. This format is often used in context of a strategy project, or the annual goal setting. It can serve as “food-for-thought” by starting with an interactive presentation on recent trends, and then turn this into a profound discussion how to apply these principles to your company. The time spend together in this kind of workshop can range from 3 hours up to a whole day. If appropriate and required, it can also be extended into a 2-day format with a clear agenda, clear objectives, and expected achievements. IN-NOVA’s contribution to this workshop is manifold. One one side, it is of course the content-rich facilitation and guidance of such a workshop. This ranges from giving presentations on leading-edge topics, facilitation of discussions using a wide range of methods and interactive designs, and providing insights on performance enhancement opportunities. If there are conflict loaded topics, there is a whole repetoire of methods instantaneously available to get the best out of the situation: Only constructive conflict leads to the identification of something new, or the root causes of an underlying problem. Therefore we appreciate controversy during the course of a workshop, and accept all fair challenges. The facilitation methods used, as well as the methods to capture results, lead very quickly to documents which can be used for follow-up on the workshop’s achievements and accomplishments. Based on a clear expectation exchange at the beginning (or beforehand), and expectation check at the end of the workshop, this format is delivering high-value results in a short period of time, tailored to the specific needs of the participants, and the company and its supply chain.
The format of running a management workhop is independent of the type of engagement