Supply Chain Management, and optimizing Value Chains, is an exciting arena to work in! The possible topics are so manifold, that every client is a discovery journey, and many current problems will likely be resolved with the topics detailed on the other pages. In our experience, replacing traditional thinking by supply chain thinking, changes the approaches, and lead to higher impact results, with more sustainability and resilience in the operations. Typical topics which often come up as entry point for an improvement, and then turn into a value chain, and supply chain optimization context, are: o WORKING CAPITAL OPTIMIZATION o SUPPLIER INTEGRATION o SUPPLIER PORTFOLIO OPTIMIZATION o MATERIAL COST REDUCTION o CAPACITY UTILIZATION ENHANCEMENT o TRANSPORT OPTIMIZATION o NETWORK OPTIMIZATION (PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION) o POST MERGER INTEGRATION If you have any of these topics currently on your mind, and on your agenda for action, please contact us to explore how we can use our experience and methods to address your hot topic in the best possible way!